Street signage, lighting and furniture

Council provides certain types of outdoor furniture and signage on Council managed land, such as benches, picnic tables, bin surrounds, bike racks, Reserve ID signs, vehicle signs and pedestrian wayfinding signs.

You may lodge a request or suggestion for a new street or park furniture and signage.

Read below for more information about signage, lighting and furniture. 

Street signage

Street signage facilitates ease of navigation, parking and safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians throughout our shire. Examples of street signage include street signs, tourist and service signs, warning signs, guide posts, guard rails and bollards.

In general, Council is responsible for installing, replacing and maintaining street signage with the exception of those on VicRoads managed arterial roads.

Businesses looking to have directional signage installed on arterial roads need to meet eligibility criteria set out by VicRoads. Read the Tourist Signing Guidelines on the VicRoads website.

Street lighting

Council installs and maintains public lighting in our parks and gardens, and shire owned community facilities.

Powercor Australia is responsible for street lighting. For more information visit the Powercor website.

Street furniture

Street furniture is provided for public safety, visual appeal, and comfort and amenity for residents and visitors. Council installs and maintains a range of street furniture including bench seats, bike racks and water fountains.

Report an issue

Street signage

Local roads
Report damaged or missing street signage online or contact us.

Arterial roads
To report damaged or missing street signage contact VicRoads or call them on 13 11 71.

Street lighting

Call the Powercor 24 hour service line on 13 24 12 regarding faulty street lighting, a damaged pole or possible safety hazard.

You can also report a streetlight fault via the Powercor website.

Street furniture

Report damaged or missing street furniture online or contact us.