Your Community Vision and our Council Plan

Your Community, Your Vision was an extensive community engagement campaign that asked the community about their vision and aspirations for their community in the next 10-years. This project helped to inform the Council Plan 2021-2025 which guides our work and priorities moving forward.

Our vision, guiding principles and three pillars drive everything we do.

Your Community vision

In 2031, our community is connected to each other, and comes together to build and celebrate an inclusive, creative shire.

We are a healthy community that values the natural beauty of the Djaara Country we live on. We also know that preserving our natural environment means living sustainably and caring for country.

We are protecting our shire from the threat of climate change by working together at the local level.

We are a welcoming community where everybody has access to services and supports, and opportunities for housing, education, employment and creative and social pursuits.

We’re known as a vibrant place which draws upon its creative spirit and shared heritage.

We’re building a place where everyone can enjoy the beauty, history and friendliness of the shire.

Our Council vision

Working together for a healthy, connected shire.

Our principles

  • We are engaging genuinely with the community
  • We are always improving
  • We are delivering together

Our pillars

  • A healthy, connected and inclusive community
  • An environment for people and nature
  • A resilient and growing local economy

Strategic objectives

Pillar 1 - A healthy, connected and inclusive community

  • Services in our community are accessible and coordinated
  • Our community is inclusive and connected
  • Our community feels safe, regardless of identity or circumstance
  • Our community is physically and mentally healthy

Pillar 2 - An environment for people and nature

  • We are working locally to address the climate emergency
  • We are maintaining, improving and celebrating our places and spaces
  • Our community is growing in harmony with nature
  • We are focused on the housing affordability challenge in our community
  • We are facilitating managed growth of our towns while protecting natural assets

Pillar 3 - A resilient and growing local economy

  • Our local economy is diverse and resilient
  • We are supporting continuous learning and personal growth
  • We are helping businesses make their work simpler and more sustainable
  • We are attracting and building investment in our cultural and creative community