Other tendering information

We recommend that you use the same eProcure Member Login for all interactions around a given submission.

To view current quotes and tenders and stay abreast of future opportunities register using our eProcure portal.


The system will allow you to:
  • view current, closed and awarded quotes and tenders
  • download quote and tender documents free of charge
  • receive addendums
  • submit your quote or tender online.

Tender process

For more information read our procurement policy and terms and conditions of the purchase of goods and services.

The procurement policy contains:
  • legislation, principles, and procedures related to the purchase of goods, services and works by Council.
  • standard and mandatory requirements and guidelines for officers of the Council.
  • minimum procurement standards and principles applied across the organisation.

Important note

The canvassing of Councillors or Council Officers in relation to any tender or quotation will disqualify your submission.