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Maldon Streetscape Project

Old car in heritage street in Maldon.

We are currently in the design phase of the Maldon Streetscape Project. This is one of three projects that make up the Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project. The other two projects are Undergrounding of Power Project and Shopfront Restoration Project.

In July 2020 Council invited community feedback on streetscape designs. See a summary of the information below.

Design phase

This design phase involves both the undergrounding of power and civil works to improve sections of the footpaths, road and drainage on High and Main streets. In addition to these much needed civil works, landscape improvements will also be incorporated into the design to ensure a holistic, high quality outcome for the streetscape. The design is being delivered in three main milestones – concept design, schematic design and detailed design.

Some of the proposed benefits of this project include:

• Better facilities for businesses, customers, parking and pedestrian access.
• Improved amenity and appearance of the town centre to attract potential visitors, residents and new businesses.
• Increase in capital value of buildings through conservation of heritage fabric.
• Greater ability to attract and retain tenants.
• Improved safety from bushfire, severe weather or overhead powerline faults.
• Removal of any future requirement to upgrade to new concrete power poles.
• Upgraded power supply capacity to reduce outages.
• Better facilities for events to showcase Maldon.
• Long term preservation and improvements to the street tree canopy.

Design considerations

A design consultant, Infrastructure Solutions, has been appointed to complete the civil design of the High St and Main St. The design will be based on the concepts and themes outlined within the Maldon Town Centre Streetscape Plan.

The Infrastructure Solutions design consultant team is assisted by Urban Initiatives (Landscape Architect), Heritage Alliance (Heritage Consultant) and Webb Australia (Lighting Consultant). Powercor is undertaking the detailed design related to undergrounding power in parallel with the civil design.

The development of the project business case, funded by Council and Regional Development Victoria, has led to the recent announcement in May 2020 by the Victorian State Government of a $4.5M funding contribution towards the project.

The Streetscape Steering Group (comprising the Ward councillor, Council CEO, local business operators, landowners, Maldon Neighbourhood house, Maldon Inc., Maldon Focus and Maldon Community Bank) meet periodically to discuss matters related to all aspects of the project. The Concept Designs were presented to this group in February 2020 and feedback has been received and is generally incorporated into the comments below.

Overview of feedback on designs

Around 60 community members provided feedback on the detailed designs. See an overview of their feedback below or read the advertisement published in the Tarrangower Times on Friday 21 August 2020.

• Limited lighting is atmospheric and in keeping with gold rush towns.
• Bright pedestrian crossing floodlights would diminish the charm of the streetscape.
• Don’t think lights are necessary, particularly LEDs.
• Any lighting at the crossings would be an eyesore.

Street furniture
• Bins and hoop bike racks are not suitable.
• Don’t change the seats.
• The seats need to be raised to be usable by all ages.
• Don’t introduce too many new elements.

Trees and vegetation
• Don’t remove older trees.
• Extend the useful life of all the street trees through ongoing care and pruning.
• Consider using native trees.
• Remove the peppercorn trees in High Street opposite the Kangaroo Hotel and plant a more suitable variety.

Pedestrian crossing
• The proposed crossings do not meet with heritage values of the town.
• The High Street crossing is in a poor location. It is difficult to judge traffic and pedestrian movement at that point.
• Proposed crossing at the start of Main Street and the crossover near Maldon Hotel are great.
• Keep the kerb extensions simple.
• No traffic lights please - use other means to slow traffic down.

Tree and kerb outstands
• Tree outstands should only be located on the intersection of High Street and Main Street.
• They will decrease the number of parking spaces and will have a negative impact of the street.
• May make streets more difficult to access by larger agricultural vehicles and discourage visitors to the town.
• Don’t want to compromise the views of historic buildings.
• Alternative subtle treatments for tree outstands should be investigated.
• Bookending certain sections of the street downplays the importance of all businesses in town.
• Kerb outstands do not enhance Maldon’s historic character.

Next steps for Maldon Streetscape Project

1. Establish project working groups.
2. Council to commission a heritage study of the project area, and to further develop the heritage impact assessment work
to inform the detailed design.
3. Steering Committee to consider outcomes of the working groups.
4. Feedback from working groups to be provided to the community.
5. Move to detailed design phase.
6. Detailed design to be considered by the Steering Committee.
7. Detailed design to be made available for public review and comment.
8. Detailed designs finalised.
9. Streetscape improvement works to be tendered.

Civil Functional Layout

Please click on the link below for the Civil Functional Layout. This will be reviewed in due course following working group discussions and input.

Civil Functional Layout – June 2020 (PDF, 980 KB)

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