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Bin collection, waste and recycling

Red and yellow bins on the kerb

More detailed information on our residential kerbside waste collection service is provided below.

Find out about the different waste bin sizes available, what to do if your bin has been stolen or damaged, how to request a new bin collection service and much more.

Waste management

Council offers waste and recycling kerbside collection services to designated areas across the shire. We also offer two transfer stations for community use in Castlemaine and Maldon.

Residential kerbside collections

General waste rubbish bins are collected each week. Recycling bins are collected fortnightly. It is important that you place the right items in each bin.

To find out the collection day in your area check the Rubbish and Recycling Collection Calendar.

To ensure your bins are emptied:

  • Place bins out before 6.00am on your collection day (i.e. place out the night before)
  • Place bin close to the gutter with the handles facing your house
  • Place your garbage and recycling bins at least one metre apart
  • Place only approved recyclables in the recycling bin
  • Please do not overfill or place anything on top of the bins

Read our Guide to Residential Recycling and Waste Services to learn more about what goes in which bin or see our page on recycling.

Please read the procedural guidelines on our kerbside waste and recycling collection service to find out more regarding:

• who is entitled to receive a service
• responsibilities of residents using the service, and
• responsibilities of Council providing the service.

Procedural Guidelines - Council Bin Collection Services.

Bin size and collection

Our standard bin size is 80 litres and costs $446.00 per year. The charge will appear on your annual rates notice.

You can upsize to an 140 litre waste bin which would cost $647.00 per year.

The recycling fee is included within the waste charge.

If you would like to upsize or downsize your bins please use our Online Request Form - Change my Bin Size.

What do I do if my bin was missed during collection?

To report a missed bin please use our Online Request Form for Missed Bin Collection and we will inform our waste contractors Veolia Environmental.

Please ensure your bin is clearly placed outside the front of your property. It will be collected the day following your request being received.

Missing, stolen or damaged bins

To report a stolen bin please use our Online Request Form for Stolen / Missing Bin.

To report a damaged bin, please use our Online Request Form for Damaged Bin.

How do I request a new collection service?

To request a new collection service, please use our Online Request Form for New Collection Service.

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